cdr writing speed

  moby58 19:49 12 Jan 2003
  moby58 19:49 12 Jan 2003

making normal cds with nero......what writing speed should i use...nero gives an option before burning...not sure what i should choose.what cdrs are best?is cheap exactly that seen them as low as 29 pence.brands/specifications as a guide would be great thanks...theyre only for music.

  Confab 20:00 12 Jan 2003

It really depends on the CD's that you buy. The really cheap CD's tend to not give any writing specification but I have found that they are only reliable at 2X or at most 4X burn speed. If you buy more expensive CD's then they will display on the packaging the maximum record speed they can be reliably recorded at.


  moby58 20:02 12 Jan 2003

whats 2x and 4 x burn speed?

  woodchip 20:12 12 Jan 2003

All CD's are made by about three companies, so in most cases you are paying for the name. Do not think just because they are cheap they are no good. That would be a big mistake I use cheap comp fair CDR with no probs

  leo49 20:16 12 Jan 2003

Get up to speed with some background reading:

click here


  RoG47 20:16 12 Jan 2003

2X = 2 speed

4x = 4 speed

It all depends on what speed your cdrw is this usually measured at say 16x12x48 or 48x12x48. The first number is the important one. This is the maximum speed your "burner" can burn cdr's.

The other factor that comes into the equation is the maximum burn speed of the disk. These vary a lot. It could be 8 speed or any number to say 48 speed.

The last thing to take into consideration is that you must never burn audio a full speed. Burn audio at 3/4 max. speed for good disks and 1/2max.speed if you think they are cheap.

  RoG47 20:19 12 Jan 2003

I personally burn my audio disks, on the fly, at 32 speed. This is with a 48 speed burner using 48 speed disks.

  Stuartli 20:28 12 Jan 2003

There are around a dozen manufacturers. See:

click here

for details and for which manufacturers rebadge them under their own name.

There's also a list of the bad, average and very good media manufacturers and, again, who rebadges it.

I also burn at slower than the CD-R's rated speed - for instance 16x for a 24x CD-R and 24x for a 32x CD-R - using the image method from the HDD. Very, very rarely have a coaster....

  moby58 20:39 12 Jan 2003

thanks for all your help

  RoG47 20:41 12 Jan 2003


Hi. Yes I do agree that disks do vary a lot. I also buy disks from morrisons. lol

Yes read all your posting from click here and informative.

I prefer to burn on the fly and have never had a coaster for about a year.

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