cdr vs cdrw?

  moby58 09:41 12 Aug 2003

ive downloaded a movie which im trying to put on a disc thru nero.its just over 700 mb...and wont fit on a disc.would it go on a cdrw?thats what nero has indicated when i tried to burn onto cd [as data].i thought cdrw were the same-only difference being they could be re used?help!or how can i trim some of the movie off [using nero]?thanks!

  Jester2K II 09:43 12 Aug 2003

What movie? What brand disks? What version Nero?

  moby58 09:51 12 Aug 2003

nero 5/music concert movie/standard 80 min disc called media star

  Jester2K II 09:52 12 Aug 2003

The size is what matters if the CDRW is still only 700mb then it still won't fit.

Someone here can point you at tools to trim the file.

  temp003 09:53 12 Aug 2003

What's the file extension of your movie? There are programs which can split the movie into smaller portions so that you can put them on separate CDs. I'm sure someone will know.

  Bodi 09:53 12 Aug 2003

CDRW disks, after format, hold less than CDR, I believe.


  GroupFC 10:30 12 Aug 2003

For file splitters have a look at this thread click here

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