CDR holiday snaps viewed on TV

  thesp 12:17 28 Jun 2003

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is likely to be a stupid question.
I've burned all my holiday snaps onto a CD. I'd like to view these on the tele from my armchair. How can I do it? With a DVD player?

  graham√ 12:32 28 Jun 2003

Questions are not viewed as stupid, only some of the answers! To view your photos you must use a computer viewing program, which a TV doesn't have.

You could, if you have video out on the graphics card, use the TV as a monitor, but I understand the picture will not be very good.

To use a DVD player you would need a DVD recorder to transfer the images to a DVD disc, in a different format.

  mole44 12:37 28 Jun 2003

put the pictures you want to show back onto your camera memory card ,hook camera up to tv as usual,whalla,pictures on tour tv,tiz that simple

  zanwalk 12:43 28 Jun 2003

Most DVD players will play CD-R's, but you will really need a slideshow creator to view the photos properly. There are a couple of programs around that will do this, unfortunately, I have yet to find one that is free. A search on Google should reveal what is available.

  powerless 14:31 28 Jun 2003

The pictures that are on the CD-R disc are they in MPEG form?

If they are anything else they will not show.

AS above you need a program that will do all this for you.

click here

click here

They can both do what you want.

  graham√ 14:55 28 Jun 2003

The Roxio Creator 6 looks to me like something everyone should have! Is it a program rather than a device?

  powerless 14:57 28 Jun 2003

It is a program.

  Kryten 15:04 28 Jun 2003

If they are *.jpg photos and your DVD plays MP3's just put the disk in the player and see if you can see the files. If you can click on the top one to see if it shows and use NEXT on remote to view them. If this work try other buttons on the remote as some will Enlarge and rotate. Some of the newer players will do this even if it is not in the manual.

I have a APEX DVD, MEDION DVD, and a BUSH DVD COMBO TV/DVD and all will do this even though it as only documented in the APEX manual.

  canard 19:51 28 Jun 2003

For £50 you can buy a DVD which will play CD-RW, MP3s, JPEGs. If you download this excellent app you can batch convert your holiday pics to JPegs in a jiffy click here and put them on a new data disc. You will be delighted with how good they look on TV.

  MIke 20:03 28 Jun 2003

If you have Nero as your burning software you can create a video CD, as long as your DVD player supports the video CD format then you can playback a slideshow on your TV. It's a bit basic but works quite well.

There is another program by Ulead which again allows you to create a slideshow onto cd that can be played on a DVD it's called "Ulead DVD Picture Show"...about £20 or so

  Qmar 22:33 28 Jun 2003

in Aldi-- Ulead is £9.99.

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