Dave from Miami 19:56 21 Oct 2003

1-I want to copy data to CD disc so I can copy to other computers. Just a single session.

Which is more accurate: "disk at once" or "track at once?" Only a single session. Want disc to be compatible with a variety of IBM-type PCs.

2-Ditto for music files -- I want to create compilations of favority tunes and play on a variety of CD players. What's best: "disk at once" or "track at once?"

3-I have CD Creator V4 (bundled with computer).
I have V 5 (also bundled version). Should I upgrade?

Thanx in advance.

Dave in sunny Miami, Florida It is 85 degrees F today!

  PA28 20:00 21 Oct 2003

Disk at once - Data. Track at once - Music (to keep the gaps twixt tracks). If CD creator works use it. Upgrade when you install a DVD writer. Cold and miserable here.

  R4 20:07 21 Oct 2003

Easy Creator is now on Version 6 but you can get a trial version from : click here;jsessionid=V1DMZ0XADK5L5LAQAMGBVQVMCACAWIV0?_requestid=2865534

  Dave from Miami 20:48 21 Oct 2003

Roxio manual (although I am using CD Creator) says to use Disk at Once for Music so it will play in all sorts of CD Players.

Is this true?

Dave in Miami

  SGT BARNES 21:39 21 Oct 2003

its true dave

  woodchip 21:53 21 Oct 2003

One of the main things when you burn a CD is finalize the CD so it can be read in other CD readers

  dagbladet 22:02 21 Oct 2003

Would this explain why all the music cds i've made will only work in the car or my walkman, but not in my or my brothers V expensive hi-fi,

  woodchip 22:08 21 Oct 2003

Who is the question directed to. If it?s me yes if they are CDR but if they are CDRW is hi-fi may not play CDRW

  Qmar 22:29 21 Oct 2003

...just follow the nero wizard.

  Dave from Miami 15:33 22 Oct 2003

I am referrinmg to the "basic" edition that comes bundled with computers. I have Creator 4 (basic) and I was wondering if there was any advantage to replacingthis with the BASIC version of Creator 5.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Dave in Miami

  R4 16:01 22 Oct 2003

The Bundled editions that come with computers/CDRW's usually only write on the hardware it was supplied with.

The latest version of EC Creator is V5.3.5.10f this is now an 'Old' version,and can be downloaded from Roxio as a trial version.

Creator 5 has more options for Video and DVD writing and covers more CD/DVD writers than Creator 4. The main difference is upgrades to cover newer technology, formats and has also been bug fixed.

The latest version is V6.1.1.17.

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