morthin 20:28 25 Apr 2012

I have dvd which plays on cdplay.exe I want to take a scene off this, what is the best & easiest way to do it ?? Many thanks

  lotvic 21:20 25 Apr 2012

In order to find out what other programs you have (or for us to guess) and which one is suitable - please tell us what op sys (XP, VISTA, W7) you have. Also tell us what the file ext is of DVD. (TS, AVI, WMV, MOV etc)

Do you know what other players you have on your pc? Windows Media Player, VLC etc. and also any other Video editing software you have installed.

  morthin 21:27 25 Apr 2012

op system Vista Windows media player Ext of dvd mp4 (???) Thanks

  lotvic 21:52 25 Apr 2012

I suggest you use Windows Movie Maker. Read What kind of files can I use in Movie Maker?

and Movie Maker Vista File Format Support

then you can Take and use a picture from a video frame in Windows Movie Maker

other info Importing files into Windows Movie Maker: frequently asked questions

For guides copy and paste 'how to use vista windows movie maker' into google and take your choice :) and have fun

  lotvic 22:11 25 Apr 2012

Copy the contents of the DVD to a folder on your harddrive before you import to WMMaker. Any more questions - just ask, someone will answer, and there is no such thing as a daft question so don't be shy.

  lotvic 23:29 25 Apr 2012

Just realised you will have to convert MP4 to WMV or AVI before you can import to WMMaker. Sorry about that :(

Format Factory is a good Free converter but make sure you deselect 'install Ask toolbar' during the installation. (you don't want Ask toolbar)

sigh, life is never simple...

  [email protected] 00:43 26 Apr 2012

Found a similar question asked by someone else with a few suggestions. May be worth a try - click here

  morthin 10:37 26 Apr 2012

thanks guys... what i have found now is that there is three files of 555 mb value, they are called tmp files. I have converted thme to be opened thme in media but still they won`t play. Please note that this type of thing is alien to me !!!

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