CD/DVD Rom headphone sockets don't work

  galactical dosser 13:42 15 Dec 2004

Can anyone tell me why the head phone sockets mounted on the front of my CD writer and DVD don't work. When I asked my PC supplier this question they told me that this feature was disabled with XP. I'm not sure if this is the case - does anyone know? If so is there any means of enabling as I much prefer to listen to headphones via these sockets - or at least I did on my last PC.

  €dstowe 13:55 15 Dec 2004

I think it's the norm now for these sockets not to work. The last one that worked for me was about five years ago on a CD ROM since then, nothing.

I've just tried the sockets on the machines in my studio here. There are twenty optical drives, one only gives an output and that's a Plextor 52x CD writer.

  galactical dosser 14:07 15 Dec 2004

I suppose I'll just have to buy an extension lead , but I just cannot understand why manufacturers put these sockets on their devices if they are going to then be disabled. We have paid for them after all.

  wx622 14:44 15 Dec 2004

They should work...

These sockets will only work if you have the audio cables connected inside your PC. A lot of PC manufacturers do not bother putting them in. And yes, when installed properly, the CD/DVD/ ReWriter 3.5mm jacks will work under XP.

  Alex-188000 14:54 15 Dec 2004

The sockets are not disabled in xp. And wx622 also had a point. Make sure that your audio cable is plugged in. Depending on wheter you have a sound card or it is onboard you plug it in to the back of your CD drive and there where ever. However the main cause of no sound coming out is your actual headphones. You need high quality headphones that will work with a low output from a device like your CD drive. Ones you get with CD walkmen are some examples of these. They normally oare expensive than the other ones.

  BRYNIT 16:55 15 Dec 2004

It may be that the socket is now obsolete due to the use of sound cards but has not been removed from the basic design.

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