CD/DVD Rewriter Problem

  Dekka123 07:04 04 Jul 2005

I am running Win XP Pro SP2 and my computer is about 3 years old. My DVD rom drive has always stalled from time to time, as I have been playing a dvd it goes so far and jerks for a few frames and then starts playing smoothly again. I recently installed a dvd rewriter in its place and it works perfectly but when I come to play the dvds the same thing happens. Its not the discs as I play them on my stsnad alone dvd player. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  mattyc_92 08:42 04 Jul 2005

What is the specs of the system? Maybe it might be abit too slow? or there are programs in the background using up the resources?

  Dekka123 10:19 04 Jul 2005

Thanks for your speedy reply. My specs are:AMD Athlon 2800+, 1GB Ram, NVidia Gforce FX5200. Hope this information helps

  mattyc_92 10:38 04 Jul 2005

Your system is more than capable to play a DVD so that can't be it...

When this happens, does your whole system slow down? or just the dvd?

Next time it happens, press "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" to open the "Task Manager" and see what resouces are being used (at the bottom of the Window that opens, look at the "CPU" feature)

  wobblymike 10:47 04 Jul 2005


When you play a DVD in your PC what programme do you use to play it? If you use Windows Media Player this might be the source of the problem - it is in my experience not brilliant at playing DVDs - I use Power DVD and have no problems and my PC spec is not as good as yours.

  Dekka123 11:00 04 Jul 2005

Thanks guys for your interest. When this happens my cpu usage goes to between 82 and 95% I use intervideo Win DVD 7 mainly to play my dvds but I have played them in WMP 10 and I get the same results.

  mattyc_92 11:07 04 Jul 2005

I think it may be something to do with your Anti-Virus program (or at least a program) running in the background and scanning your system/internet for an update or something.

I would try using "PowerDVD" from click here There is a TRIAL option that you can use. I always use this program to play my DVDs and find it works perfect (and best of all it came with one of my DVD drives... lol)

  pj123 11:46 04 Jul 2005

I also use PowerDVD and I have JetAudio which also plays Audio CDs and DVDs.

JetAudio can be downloaded for free from click here

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select jetAudio Basic Download. Once installed give it a try.

  Dekka123 11:55 04 Jul 2005

Thanks very much for all your help. I have downloaded Power DVD and it does seem to have done the trick so I will keep it I think. Thanks again for all your help.

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