CD/DVD reader troubles

  jack 19:40 14 Sep 2004

For a while now my DVD/CD Reader has been unable to recognise a disk.
The drawer is difficult to persuade to open and when it does it wants to slam shut taking fingertips with it.
At first it was spasmodic then permanent and now the activity light flashes away all the time. All of this has been the subject of a topic here recently and now I notice that Spanish Johnny is having similar trouble and others I recall in recent weeks.
Talking with others as well as this forum the conclusion is that the unit is dud.
Today I took the unit out and replaced it with its ordinary CD drive predecessor.
It fired up light a flashing then some thing strange occurred - its Icon disappeared.
I shut down, and restarted. POST revealed a slave drive [the burner] but no secondary master [both drives are on the second IDE bus -which works fine as I do no disk-to-disk work.
Checking the BIOS I found the secondary had switched to off.
So I enabled it.
ON start up POST said this drive is not recognised or word to the effect and that is as far as I have got for the moment [I’ve gotta eat and go places]
So the question is..........
What Switches things off in the BIOS?
Do Virus or other nasties do it?

In sorting this one drive is going to Master the other slave is there a preferred sequence?
Burner Master or Burner slave?

  howard60 20:22 14 Sep 2004

your fastest drive [newest] or burner should be master and cd rom slave. Master on end of cable slave on middle connection.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:45 14 Sep 2004

Yes Viri can switch off Drives.

Do a full scan Antivirus on line checks:-
Panda click here
Trend Online Check click here

  jack 16:20 15 Sep 2004

Thank you both
Have done some down loads will now have a play
I'll keep this open for now

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