cd/dvd phone sockets (again)

  birkdalite 17:23 26 Oct 2003

Has anyone tried to feed sound through external amp with an earphone socket? Does it work & how ?

  A_World_Maker 17:35 26 Oct 2003

I am assuming you are taking a signal from an earphone socket, into an external amplifier?

I have done this when I used to be a Disc Jockey, in the days of vinyl and tape decks... to add a tape deck to my system... the only work round you might need to consider is matching the 'responce' of the signals. Tape descks used a 'flat' responce. Any compedent electronics person, should be able to tell you the impedence differencial between the source and input, if you give them both ratings. It can be 'matched' using simple resistors.

  birkdalite 18:41 26 Oct 2003

A_World_Maker I was thinking of using a small mixer which I have and putting it between my pc and an amp using the amp outputs to feed my existing speakers and use the earphone socket on the amp to listen.The mixer should then match up the out/in impedence, or would it? what do you think? Thanks for your interest

  Stuartli 19:09 26 Oct 2003

I think you mean phono sockets...:-)

You probably need one of these((!):

click here

The Pure Digital Evoke digital radio, for instance, has a line out for stereo record or output via separate amp and speakers using a 3.5mm socket on the rear panel, so it might be that using your headphone audio output in similar fashion could work, depending on its specification.

I would follow up A_World_Maker's suggestion of asking an electronics expert - my best mate is one but unfortunately he's not contactable at present...

  birkdalite 20:31 26 Oct 2003

Stuartli PHONO Of couse dont want my telephone to light up ! Your suggestion looks good I will be checking one out asap Many thanks

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