CD/DVD Label & Jewel Case Label printing

  Solartopi 19:29 17 Jun 2006

Hi there,

Can anyone let me know what is the best software to get for printing out CD/DVD labels & Jewel Case Labels. I'm lost at trying to chose which type to get.



  €dstowe 19:30 17 Jun 2006

If you use Nero there is CD/DVD label printing included as part of that.

  [email protected]© 19:39 17 Jun 2006

This is good and free! click here

  Solartopi 20:12 17 Jun 2006


Yes, I have Nero. Thanks. I will try that. I have not used Nero for quite some time .


  pj123 20:18 17 Jun 2006

The very best is Discus: click here

Not free $39usd. About £21.

  Input Overload 23:50 17 Jun 2006

I personally think click here is great, it also comes with heaps of free quality artwork which you may download.

  Shortstop 12:39 18 Jun 2006

Wel, I've always liked Acoutica CD Label Maker [does DVDs to]. Again, not fre but you do get a trial version:
/click here



  ACOLYTE 12:55 18 Jun 2006

click here free to download.

  wallbash 13:19 18 Jun 2006

I like SureThing

Have tried Nero, Avery , pressit, stomper plus others over the years but SureThing is my recommendation

  Solartopi 13:44 03 Aug 2006


Thanks for all the HELP!!


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