CD/DVD Drive Not Opening

  Daveson 15:49 20 Jan 2006

Hello, i have just started to have a problem with my disc drive in that it wont open when i press the eject button.

Also when i go into My Computer and look at D: it says SS20AE (D:)this is with a disc in or without.

And finally when i double click the D: i get the (open with) dialog box as if to say i am trying to open a file that has no program asociated with it ???

Can anyone help me fix this ?

Thanks, Craig.

  citadel 20:59 20 Jan 2006

right click my computer icon, then properties, hardware, device manager, expand dvd/cddrives, right click the drive in question, properties for info and troubleshooting.

  stalion 21:00 20 Jan 2006

also try re-booting

  charge 23:24 20 Jan 2006

it may have come off the runners

you can open it with a paper clip if you push it into the hole

  Daveson 23:30 20 Jan 2006

i can open it by right clicking and then eject. And i can open it now by pressing the button, but the other stuff is still happening. Thanks all.

  johnnyrocker 23:30 20 Jan 2006

my computer, highlight drive click file/eject


  stalion 23:32 20 Jan 2006

if xp for your other problem try system restore

  Totally-braindead 23:34 20 Jan 2006

Does this only do this with one particular disk or does it do it with all disks? I'm wondering if the disk is damaged, it may be not ejecting as it is still trying to read it, does the light stay on?

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