cd/dvd drive has uninstalled itself

  trumpo 12:09 19 May 2006

The cd/dvd drive on my pc has stopped working suddenly,it powers up as normal with a cd in it but i get an error message pop up saying there is no compatiable recordable or rewritable devices that can be found on your system, it has worked fine up to a couple of days ago. someone please help!!!!

  martjc 12:19 19 May 2006

...Are you using your usual media? They vary.

Possible driver corruptions:
Start - control panel - system. Look for the device drivers under CDROM. Open the category and delete the cdrom from there.
Re-boot! You may find that you have your services back now.

Possible loose data lead or mains plug.
This is where you have to take off the side panel and look inside. Find the drive and check that the data cable is secure [both ends of it]. The best way to do this is to disconnect and reconnect. Then check the mains lead from the power supply. Do the same to it. Then re-boot!

If these suggestions don't work, I'm sure the gang here will come up with others - let's get this thing working lads & lasses!!!

  trumpo 14:43 19 May 2006

Thanks for the reply,I am using the same media, i have followed your instructions in control panel,the cd drives were showing a yellow circle with an exclamation mark on,ive uninstalled them and rebooted still doesnt work,also there are no lose connections.

  trumpo 15:10 19 May 2006

It keeps showing code 41 if that means anything! its saying its updated the driver but cant find the device!!

  martjc 20:56 19 May 2006

Try this no guarantee but it may help

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