CD/DVD drawer reluctant to open

  jack 19:37 07 Jul 2004

The CD/DVD play drawer is reluctant to open, the read light is flashing away but there is
nothing in the drawer.
Clicking the button wont open it Right click -shows Load not eject;
Then it did open and slammed shut before I could get a disk in.
Whats to do

  grumpano 20:08 07 Jul 2004

Have you got Nero on your pc?

  CamPatUK 20:25 07 Jul 2004

Stormpool Wed, 25.02.04 | 11:27
Laptop's can usually be shut off if need be, by holding in the power button for 5-10seconds.

To prove the cdrom drive is fault, test it in the bios.

To do this, turn on laptop, tap f2 over and over immediately until you get the a grey bios screen.

Test cd drive eject with a cd, until you can replicate the problem, if it doesn't - then maybe it is a software problem.

If it has trouble ejected in bios, then advise them of this, as a reload of windows is no good to resolve this and requires the drive to be replaced.

The shutdown issue could just be background software, try disabled background start up apps

Start - Run - msconfig - <tab> startup - click disable all.

Ok - yes to restart - then test shutdown again.

If it works, then you know it was one of those apps.

Hope this helps.

as i wrote in my title this was posted originally by stormpool in another forum but is useful here i believe

  bruno 21:13 07 Jul 2004

Most CD players have a tiny hole at the front in them in which you can insert a straightened paper clip to open it.When I had a problem with mine I took the top off the player and it was full of dust and fluff.I cleaned it out and made sure the runners were clean and used a smear of lubrication on them.It cured my problem.Of course,if it is an electrical problem on the swiches for instance,this will not help.

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