CD/DVD Deciding Not To Work Anymore

  Robotic_Rob 05:25 12 Jun 2005

Hey, The other day i was tryin 2 burn some data to a cd. And i think they was some bad data, because the file wouldnt run as it should of my pc. Anyway the cd writer wouldnt write anymore to the cd. I noticed it also crashed nero, so i was already goin out and i closed all the windows and turned it off. Or what i thought it was turning off, because it did its thing where it closes all the icons down and that. So i left it to do its thing and 3/4 hours later i went back to the machine and it was still on, with my cd writer tryin 2 burn to the cd still. Anyways i rebooted the machine and now its come to that i want to write a new cd. And now my cd writer wont read or write any cd.
My cd writer is Pioneer dvd-rw dvr-106d with windows xp pro. Can any1 help me solve this ?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:52 12 Jun 2005

Check in settings -control panel-system -hardware-device manager - thatthere is no yellow exclamation ! next to the CD drive or the IDE channel the drive is on.

It may be woth uninstalling and reinstalling(Action scan for new hardware) the IDE channel and the CD drive.

  Robotic_Rob 13:58 12 Jun 2005

Ive checked that and my pc thinks that it is alright. And ive also uninstalled the driver for it and then i scanned for new hardware changes. So it reinstalled the driver and still nothing.

Any other ideas?

  Robotic_Rob 00:57 13 Jun 2005


  Zaphod Beeblebrox 01:29 13 Jun 2005

go into control panel open administrative tools then open the event viewer left hand column click on application have a look through for errors
then click on system and check for errors this may give some clues as to the problem

  jack 12:25 13 Jun 2005

As the machine was trying but getting nowhere, this would suggest that all was working but- ahem - getting nowhere.

So try a CD drive cleaner

You know the disk with a brush built in and a bottle of fluid.

  Robotic_Rob 13:20 14 Jun 2005

In the event viewer it doesnt come up with a process, so it doesnt show that they is an error or if it did the task alright.

Also the drive looks like it aint trying to read the cd.

  jack 15:36 14 Jun 2005

As my first Post - try a head cleaner.
The drive is running, but the lazer cant get through the grot.
If that does not work then its a new drive for you.

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