CD/DVD burning software for vista

  hiwatt 12:12 26 Jun 2010

Hi folks.I'm trying to find out what is the best free cd/dvd burner for windows vista?I have roxio cd creator installed but find it a bit "buggy"I also tried cd burner xp and was getting some skips and stuff.I have nero express 6 but apparently that's incompatable with vista which is a shame as I never had any problems with that and really liked it.I would appreciate any help and would like to kno what people here are using for vista and their experiences.Thank you.

  northumbria61 12:23 26 Jun 2010
  northumbria61 12:31 26 Jun 2010

I take it you are using Vista Home Premium ?
Nero 7 on Vista 32 or 64 should be fine.
You can download it FREE from here for a 15 day trial - after that you would have to pay for it.

click here

See also - click here

  EtherealEntity 12:32 26 Jun 2010

Try ImgBurn - it's very professional. A bit more advanced than usual but not too hard to learn.

  rawprawn 12:45 26 Jun 2010

I agree with EtherealEntity click here

  tullie 12:47 26 Jun 2010

I agree,try Imgburn,its really easy to use.

  Sea Urchin 12:56 26 Jun 2010

If you want yet another suggestion you could try Ashampoo Burning Studio - it works in a very similar way to Nero. You can get hold of Ashampoo Burning Studio 10 (free licence key) from here - but best to avoid installing the Ashampoo Toolbar.

click here

  hiwatt 13:01 26 Jun 2010

Thanks folks.I tried imgburn last night,agreed it does seem a bit advanced.I tried to burn an audio cd to play in a cd player but it burned as a data disc with the audio files.I couldn't see an option to burn as "audio" disc as the menu seemed abit advanced to me.Would I go to mode and choose the "write" option for a playable cd?Would this be the same when burning a dvd to play in a standalome dvd plater?Any advice is much appreciated.Thank you folks.

  northumbria61 13:04 26 Jun 2010

click here

FREE and easy to use.

  jack 13:11 26 Jun 2010

'I noticed the CDBurnerXP Pro was giving some skips'

Is such a thing a software problem as opposed to something else?

I ask because a recent burn to Harddrive of a slide show[DVDPixPLay] using its own built in routine
suffered some frame freezing.
So the ponder is - Burn routine glitch or a duff slide file or media problem .

  hiwatt 13:56 26 Jun 2010

Thanks for the ashampoo link Sea urchin and nortumbria61.That looks good,much like my nero on my XP machine,I'll certainly give that a try.JACK it was only a few small skips on some dvd's I put it down the software but it might have been something else.It's best when burning a dvd/cd not to have anything else happening on the computer just let it burn the cd/dvd itself.

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