CD/DVD Burning software

  Southernboy 15:38 12 Nov 2005

Still dithering about this. At the moment, I don't need a sophisticated program, as I do not use a digital camera or video, or anything like that.

But I would like software that not only creates data discs, but include an incremental backup program. What I want is something very basic.

I apologise in advance as I have asked this type of question before, and got very confused over it. Please bear with me, this is a genuine enquiry. My home PC is not connected, so it has to be something I can buy retail from somewhere like Dixons or PC World.

Thank you.

  jbp1982 19:36 12 Nov 2005

incremental backups.

wasn't there a backup program on a cover disk a while ago?

  Skills 00:53 13 Nov 2005

Prehaps nero I got a version recently that has a backup program built in I cant say how well it works as i have never used it. Also will do all your cd/dvd burning as well.

If you could order it online you can get an OEM copy for about £8 including delievery

click here

  jack 10:53 13 Nov 2005

XP has its own burn routine.
A free download from CDBurnerXP Pro 3 [do a Google for it] is a good one
PCA has carried many others on the cover discs including one I particularaly liked 'Drop to CD'
It is as simple as that drag a file[s] to the Icon and it burns.
All this assumes you have appropriate 'burning' hardware installed.

Backing up there are lots of programs that offer back up routine include XP built in own.
But really you do not need it
What is simplier than copying and pasting files to another location?

  Southernboy 14:19 13 Nov 2005

Nero has a lot of supporters but I believe it is too comprehensive (and complicated) for me as I do not wish to create audio discs, nor use a digital camera. My sole use (at this stage) is to create backups of data files.

Copy/Paste may be fine but copying ALL my work files every time is time consuming and takes up too much space. This way I am continually backing up large files that have not changed. I have grown up with incremental backups via Iomega and Dantz but even these are really too complicated for my needs. And, I cannot use either program on my new PC. For some unknown reason they continually either crash or fail to respond. I have Pinnacle (bundled with the PC) which will create data discs, but it is a lengthy process which requires setting up every time it is used. With Iomega and Dantz, perameters only needed to be created once and backing up was the simple push of a button.

I am beginning to think that all such programs are bloatware and there is nothing basic for those of us who don't need it.

  ade.h 14:51 13 Nov 2005

For backing up sets of folders and groups of disparate items that are otherwise scattered across Windows and tricky to find, I use EZ Back-it-up. It's absolutely surperb and very easy to use. In your case, I would set the destination of each backup job as your CD-R drive.

I'll get back to you with a link in a mo'.

  ade.h 14:55 13 Nov 2005

click here

It's quick and easy, and you can just rely on Windows' own burning function. Open it, start a backup job, close it. Done.

Doesn't precisely do what you described (an all-in-one utility) but this will meet your needs, I think.

  ade.h 14:58 13 Nov 2005

Oh, and I forgot to add;

If you would consider using a USB flash memory drive with EZ Back-it-up, it will be able to over-write only those files that have changed, delete files that are no longer at source and of course add any new ones that haven't yet been copied.

  Monoux 15:06 13 Nov 2005


  Southernboy 21:01 15 Nov 2005

Thank you. This seems to be a download product. At the start, I said:-

My home PC is not connected, so it has to be something I can buy retail from somewhere like Dixons or PC World.

Can it be bought in shops?

  ade.h 21:35 15 Nov 2005

Sorry, Southernboy. I have always been aware that you don't have your own internet connection, but completely forgot in this instance.

Possible options; do you have a friend/colleague with net access, or are you accessing this forum from a public place (library maybe?) If it's the latter, would they give permission to download the file and copy it to a floppy or CD?

If that's not possible, email me with your address and I'll put a copy on a CD and post it to you, absolutely gratis. You won't need a connection to install it as it doesn't need registration.

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