CD/DVD burner replacement

  johnincrete 09:31 06 Nov 2008

I'm getting too many burn errors writing audio CD's using Nero 7. It now burns only at 10x so maybe I need to replace the burner that, in its 4 years life, has written hundreds of CDs and DVDs.
Nero tells me that it is an NEC DVD +RW ND-353A.
It's the original in my Dell Dimension running XP Home SP3.
Can anyone tell me what drive I can buy that is faster and reliable?
Will the new one just replace the old one - same cables etc?
Is it a job for a non-tech person or should I take the computer into a shop to get it done?

  crosstrainer 09:34 06 Nov 2008

It's a pretty simple procedure on a desktop, although laptops are a little harder.

Very cheap these day's:

click here

Any of the above will fit into a standard bay.

  MAJ 09:54 06 Nov 2008's pretty easy to install a new drive in a desktop, just take out the old drive and replace it with the new drive, making sure to set the jumper on the back of the new drive to the same position it was on the old drive (either Master or Slave. Connect the new drive to the same connector on the ribbon cable as the old drive occupied, attach the power cable and that's it.

s yours is a fairly old computer, chances are it doesn't have SATA connetions, so go for an IDE drive. click here

  Stuartli 10:36 06 Nov 2008

A latest specification DVD rewriter from any of the top brand names now costs as little as £15 upwards.

My first CD rewriter, bought some seven or eight years ago, cost £189 and that was cheap at the time...:-)

  Halmer 11:50 06 Nov 2008

and I'm fairly mediocre when it comes to this kind of thing.

You just need to take your time so that you don't disturb any connections etc particularly when you are pulling the plugs out of the back of the old CD drive.

It's a bit fiddly but I have hands like shovels.

  Stuartli 11:59 06 Nov 2008

Just one small point. Have you checked out the DMA configuration still applies to your rewriter?

Either check manually (to save typing out the details, see):

click here

or, if found to be in PIO mode, use the DMA Reset Tool:

click here

  Stuartli 11:59 06 Nov 2008

You'll still be best getting a new DVD rewriter drive, but the above just might keep the old one in action until then.

  Rahere 13:02 06 Nov 2008

Dare I suggest that nero could be the issue - I had so many problems with it - I have used CDBurnerXP - click here for the last 4 years - great program.

Tin hat on and heading for cover...

  Stuartli 14:22 06 Nov 2008

I've been using Nero (5.5 followed by Nero6 Reloaded) for six or seven years and it has performed faultlessly over that period.

I have always ensured that I have the latest version of Nero6, which is currently

Ahead doesn't update earlier versions as often now, but to its credit still supports them.

It's presently used with a Sony AW-G170A10 DVD rewriter.

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