CD2 August 2003 Issue 96 locks up my computer

  Pine Man 19:07 21 Jun 2003

Anybody had a problem with CD2 for August. Whenever I try to run it my computer freezes and since trying it I have had to re load a program which previously worked perfectly.

  powerless 08:07 26 Jul 2003

Well Your missing out on some good software IMHO.

It reminds me off "xx company are rubbish" But there one of the few who say that.

I only install (if anything) what i am going to use. So i would not (because i have no use for it) install accounting software.

I have downloaded and installed many programs from CD's, since (whenever it was) and now have my collection that i always have installed because they are all of use to me.

I have a trick which i have only just started doing. I'm using Windows XP with two 120GB HDD's. On a little 5GB partition i have a second install of XP. So any software i'm thinking of using or just want to see what its all about i install on the second install of XP. I have yet to come across any software that has messed up my computer.

HOWEVER! There was one jv16 powertools - Never again.

Trial, demo etc etc. I recenly installed NSW2003 and well didnt like it. So i uninstalled it... But on the second install of XP.

Anyway back to the problem... Close down all background programs and try again.

  powerless 08:09 26 Jul 2003

My point is if you have the space. Do another install of XP...

Anything you want to try before putting in the main install. Try, trial it on the second install.

Also you dont have to have all the software off the CD on your computer.

  powerless 08:13 26 Jul 2003

It could also be a faulty CD.

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