[DELETED] 18:51 26 Dec 2003

Hi I have just installed a CD RW. On my system/

It requires no driver it installs fine. Seems to be working fine. However I cant record music i have downloaded. At first I thought it may be because of no cd analogue cable I however I have installed one now but it makes no difference. I use the software (Nero) It burns it onto the disk says the process was completed but nothing goes onto the disk. Its just blank. I have tried once where I have burnt multiple tracks but all I got was one track that stoped after 5 seconds and doesnt play any audio I know the files work becaue I can use them in media player. So I dont know what to do. Could it be I plugged the cd analogue cable in the wrong place. I know the ide cable and power supply are right otherwise the drive wouldnt even recognise anything. At the moment it works fine its just not burning.

I am using xp.

Any Clues please.

Thanks guys

  [DELETED] 19:38 26 Dec 2003

I had a problem were it appeared to record, the content of the disc showed but there was no actual files.
Try recording/burning at a slower speed.
p.s. did the copy software come with the drive?
Can XP burn it?

  [DELETED] 20:46 27 Dec 2003

Hi yes the software came with the drive. When you say can xp burn it do you mean with the cd writing wizard I have tried but it says theres no disk in the drive when I try but the software can recognise when theres a disk. at what speed do you suggest because Im using 52 and I thought that was the norm HELP

  [DELETED] 19:16 29 Dec 2003

I have a Phillips CDR with " Create CD" software I used on Win 98. The defalt was writing at 12x speed, but it never worked when I did this. I changed the setting when ever I burned a discto a slower speed of 8x and it was fine. This was on my old system, I have upgraded recently to XP and a faster processor but I have not burnt a disc yet with XP.

P.S have you tried burning Data, i.e. documents and pictures to see in they work?

Have you "closed" the disc you burned or left it "open" to add more tracks. You can choose track at once and close the disc. If it is left open to record further tracks it will not playback untill the disc is closed.

  [DELETED] 20:18 29 Dec 2003

have you updated the nero software that came with the writer.i had a copy of 5.5 that came with a writer but needed all the updates before it would work.the cd analogue cable should not be an issue it just provides an audio feed to the motherboard/soundcard if you dont have it you can still burn just not listen.darren

  [DELETED] 20:27 29 Dec 2003


The analogue cable is not needed with XP, and I suspect that your problem lies with your burn speed.

This can be causing problems in many ways, i.e. what speed rating has the cdr media got?. Is it a reliable media for your cdrw drive?

Why not try recording at 16x (optimum cav writing) and if this works, increase each burn by 4x, although I tend not to write above 16x as i feel that it is the bestp latform between speed v longevity

  [DELETED] 20:29 29 Dec 2003

oops, spot the deliberate spelling mistake

  [DELETED] 20:42 29 Dec 2003

The analogue cable is not the problem - it's a sound output from the drive only - and is not required at all in modern systems.

If everything appears to go OK with no errors, and yet you don't get a written CD, then it's very likely the drive is faulty.

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