CD writer won't read blank disks

  [DELETED] 17:46 18 Oct 2003

My CD writer is about 3 years old. Recently, getting it to see a blank disk has become more difficult. Sometimes a different disk will help but not always. When a disk is put in, the drive tries to read but it just continues to try with some clicking. Reinstalling the software (Easy CD 3.5) didn't sort the problem as I thought.
Could the unit need cleaning? If so how can this be done? Has anyone experienced the problem before and found a simple solution. I have that feeling that the only solution is to fit a new writer.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

  [DELETED] 17:52 18 Oct 2003

as mess about cleaning the lens why not just buy a new one? you can get a 52X 32X 52X Liteon for £30 for the retail box with 2 blank media and Nero Express.

  Diemmess 18:12 18 Oct 2003

Its sad, but it seems your CD hardware is dying. As The Sack says, it will save bother, frustration and even data disaster. Cut your losses and bin it.

  [DELETED] 22:19 18 Oct 2003

I experienced a similar problem with my drive running NERO 5.5.1.It turned out that the media I was trying to write to was damaged.Try using a different type of CD-R/CD-RW

  PA28 23:07 18 Oct 2003

You can get a cleaning disk (like any ordinary CD but with hairy brushes on it) which will clean the lens and might improve matters. I've seen them priced at around £10 in PCW and Dixons, but around £4 in Tescos - sold for cleaning ordinary CD players. However, I agree with those above - this is program data you are talking about and £30 for a new drive is probably the best way forward.

  woodchip 23:22 18 Oct 2003

And they work more often than not

  woodchip 23:22 18 Oct 2003

I bought one at a pound shop

  [DELETED] 23:27 18 Oct 2003

I had a similar problem and it turns out that the culprit was dodgy discs.Try different brands of discs and different formats (CD-R,CD-RW).Failing that just get a new drive.

  woodchip 23:32 18 Oct 2003

Also bought a New CDRW from Ebuyer for about £22.50 including NERO 5.5 +vat and P&P

  [DELETED] 00:01 19 Oct 2003

i have a asus 522452a which i bought a couple of months ago that does this please don't tell me that its faulty already!

  hugh-265156 00:05 19 Oct 2003

does it work ok with purchased media like games or music cd`s?

my cdrw refuses to read or write to cheap discs.

by good quality ones.they only cost a few pennies more.worth it for reliabillity.

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