CD writer not writing???

  Pablothehat 08:02 02 Jun 2004

Anyone know what a Win32 error code 5 access denied when writing a cd means?
I am using Instant CD+DVD, it goes through the simulation, the finalising but resulting disc appears blank or unaccessable. Was ok before dvd writer upgrade????

  anon1 11:06 02 Jun 2004

Do you have any drivers disks for the cd/dvd? It may be a driver issue. Visit the makers website and get any upgrades there. You may simply need to reinstall drivers.

  Pablothehat 09:36 30 Jun 2004

still cannot get this to work nor dvd-rw to write either

  Androcles 09:52 30 Jun 2004

Go to My Computer,right click on the drive,left click Properties,left click Recording and make sure Enable CD recording on this drive is ticked.
HOpe this helps.

  FATSCAFF 10:22 30 Jun 2004

I had a similar problem after installing some new software. It changed the proirites and where the dvd and cd recorded before , they stopped. If it was working before try a System restore point.
If it hasnt worked try downloading new ASPI LayerS,Idid this also.

  Pablothehat 10:30 30 Jun 2004

niether of the drives appear to have that option, though i can remember seeing it..... stumped

  Cuddles 11:38 30 Jun 2004

Have you made any physical adjustments to ribbon cables on any of the drives.

  Androcles 22:22 30 Jun 2004

Error code 5 indicates a driver problem,try updating the driver.

  woodchip 22:35 30 Jun 2004

You may need to try different CD media discs, drivers for CDRW or DVDRW are provided with the Writing Software as in your case,”Instant CD+DVD" That may not support your new drive. It may be too old

  Wexford 23:51 30 Jun 2004

Sounds similar to a problem I had, I resolved mine by moving my DVD burner as a slave to my hard drive on IDE 1 (not ideal, I know, but it solved my problem). It seems, some burners dont like certain setups so you need to experiment a little by changing how your drives are connected ie. you could try setting your dvd burner as master on its own on IDE 2 and slaving your other cd/dvd drive to your hard drive on IDE 1.

  Rtus 00:23 01 Jul 2004

please clarify which O/s your using & your mention of dvd upgrade (do you mean youve added a new drive or upgraded the firmware/software ??)

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