CD Writer not recognising blank/data CD's

  Nimrod The Warrior 17:53 07 Sep 2003

I have Emachines 733 with Win ME operating system. It includes a combination CDRW/DVD (4 x Max Write/4 x Max Play) originally operating with Easy CD Creator software, now Nero.
I used to copy data CD?s (using Easy CD Creator) and take them home to update ledgers etc. The first 18 months everything was fine. Then I had a problem that the unit was not recognising my data CD?s but it would recognise commercially recorded CD?s.
Contacted Pcservicecall for advise. Telephone diagnosis could not find any problems. They suggested deleting Easy CD Creator and installing Nero which I did at home and work. No problem creating CD?s at work but still no luck at home.
Annual Healthcheck was about due, I asked them to check it out and do whatever was needed to put it right. When I went back to later they said there was not a problem. Suggested buying a Multimedia Laser Lens Cleaner as this should cure any problems. I already had one which the writer did not recognise but I bought the one they recommended. Everything seemed OK for about 4 weeks (about 8 restores from my data CD?s) and then the problem came back.
No problems at work, no problems with commercial CD?s but not recognising my data CD?s on my Emachine.
I took the machine to a local shop (one whom I use a lot at work to maintain my system, so I know the standard of service and I will not get fobbed off just to make a sale). They checked it out and find the same problem when they tried to install some of their own CD?s, which work OK on other machines. After installing a new writer which worked perfectly on all the previously un-recognised CD?s, they came to the conclusion there is probably a fault on the laser. They would happily install a new writer. However, there is 6 months left on the extended warranty cover (laugh).
Back to Pcservicecall for advise (another laugh). Told them this is third time I have brought this to their attention and I wanted something sorting out (foolish fellow). Because the CD writer recognises their commercially recorded Restore CD (I knew it would!), they say the fault is either in Windows (which they say I should restore from the Restore CD), or in the recording but they cannot say why all my other works PC?s recognise the discs which my Emachine does not recognise.
ME does not have a back-up facilty, my CD writer does not recognise formatted or un-formatted blank CD?s. That means everything would need to go onto floppy discs and one file alone would need 20 discs!
Has anyone had a similar problem? Is there an easy answer? Or do I have to back-up onto floppies and do a complete restore? Any help would be more than welcome.

  Barrie_G 18:15 07 Sep 2003

save your self the stress and fork out the £40 or so for a new writer.

  Socalled 18:21 07 Sep 2003

What make is your combi rom? and have you tried firmware updates?

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