CD Writer - Laptop - External - Firewire - USB

  SLIMMERTIF 17:32 02 Nov 2003

I have an IBM Thinkpad A21p. I have a wireless network card fitted, and also a firewire card , which I use to connect my digital video camera to.
My quesion concerns an external CD Writer. I am looking at buying AOpen CD-RW 52r 52w 24rw Ext USB2 RP. I do have access via my home network to a cdwriter, but as I am heavily into Digital Photography, and just getting into the video side, I felt it would be benificial to have one with my laptop.
Does anyone have any hints tips or lookout and don't do this?Would USB2 connect via the firewire connection?Sorry if these are daft questions. Thanks for any replies

  wee eddie 18:58 02 Nov 2003

Why a CD Writer? How about an external HDD!

A bit more expensive, but no write or burn problems. There are several now available that have both Firewire and USB2.

  SLIMMERTIF 19:25 02 Nov 2003

I was looking at the cd writer to back up the pics etc - and to try and be a bit more organised. I have been taking a peek at an external hdd, and have found one at DABS ( click here click here )which is 120gb and is reasonably priced at ?133.95 plus delivery.Knowing me though, I expect I'll probably end up with both eventually!!

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