CD writer drawer won't eject/open

  liblob 07:35 09 Sep 2004

The drawer of my CD writer won't open. Get a "clunk" from it when I try both with button and with eject command when usingthe properties in "My Computer" but it does not open.
Am I going to be buying a new writer or can it be fixed?

Many thanks

  geeza 07:47 09 Sep 2004

on the front of the CD drawer the is a small hole. Use a straightened paper clip to push into the hole and the drawer should open

  Diemmess 08:21 09 Sep 2004

geeza is right in his advice, but the tray may be locked by software which is running.

For instance InCD or other re-writer software may be locking it.

With luck the steady shove with a paperclip will release the mechanical lock, and then you can gently pull the tray out.

  Sapins 08:44 09 Sep 2004

Try, Start/My Computer, right click on CD R drive and click eject.

  Sapins 09:13 09 Sep 2004

Sorry liblob, didn't read your post properly, no excuses just carelessness ;-(

  mosfet 09:49 09 Sep 2004

Daughter in law had same,just clunking.I removed drive,removed cover,with drawer open pulled gently in all directions & lubed anything moving (carefully).Works fine.

  Stuartli 10:00 09 Sep 2004

Just a word of warning. Never use the pin to open a CD/DVD drive or rewriter unless the system is switched off.

This is for (what should be obvious) safety reasons.

  liblob 10:48 09 Sep 2004

Thanks guys, will try your suggestions

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