Cd wont read disk -- again

  jack 19:48 30 Nov 2004

This is a laboured topic but I think my problem is a little uniqueish.
In the past a DVD reader would not read- after much prodding and talking here- conclusion dud drive.
Took it out and filled hole with a CD that happened to be kicking around.
That played up - But found that I had not set the
jumper aright.
Sorted that
And it is now recognised as a slave.
and it opens is drawer and little light flashes away, bit this one wont read disks either.
Now what are the chances that is a dud also?
Properties says it is there and a fully loaded disk is in the drive -but it wont read.
Do I delve deeper? is there anywhere deeper to delve?

  Newuser3605 22:35 30 Nov 2004

If you ever find out the answer, please let me know.

  HXP 00:39 01 Dec 2004

Are you having problems reading commercial disks or CDR's ? If it's commercial disks then I have no idea what could cause problem if it's cdr's read on.

I have had varying problems with CDR /CDRW CD's and it has been a combination of -

The brand of the CDR/RW disk - my Sony DVD recordable wont record on Maxell but my CDR in another machine is fine with them. A very old 4 x CD reader is really touchy about what it reads but it is 5 years old.

In control panel look at the properties of the drive and enable or disable DMA ( well it's worth a try !!)

I would try connecting the drive directly to an IDE port with nothing else attached on that cable.

Could be a fualty IDE cable - they are cheap so another (maybe) try.

The final proof of where the problem lies may be to ' borrow ' a cd drive if you have a mate who trusts you with it to see if problem remains on a known good drive.

maybe you have tried all the above and I am no expert but I'd give it a try - after that my limited knowledge runs out .....

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