cd which is any good for long term storage??

  edennorman 09:42 14 Jan 2004

Does anyone know of any authorative articles on the subject of the suitability/non suitability of the CD as a means of storing data in the long term?

Thank you all.

Eden Norman

  Chegs ® 10:17 14 Jan 2004

Fred Langa has a few articles on longevity of cdr media. click here

  Gongoozler 10:19 14 Jan 2004

This article is very informative on the subject click here. I have also read that the worst offender in shortening the life of cd-r is the use of adhesive labels, especially if the cd doesn't have a protective lacquer layer. Some of the cheaper cd's leave the reflective metal layer exposed, the adhesive degrades this layer making the cd useless. Keeping the cd cool is also essential to prevent the dye being degraded.

  Stuartli 11:31 14 Jan 2004


click here

(Taiyo Yuden is one of the top media manufacturers and several top name brands rebrand its products under their own name; see click here)

click here

click here

among many websites offering views.

Some brands, Imation amongst them, claim tht DVDs can last up to 100 years - it's a Taiyo Uden linked brand).

  Gongoozler 11:41 14 Jan 2004

Whatever the manufacturers claim, for archived material I believe in making two copies, and checking them both periodically (say once a year), then if one copy becomes unreadable I can make another backup from the remaining good copy.

  Stuartli 16:05 14 Jan 2004

Just out of interest I have quite a number of computer magazine cover disks dating back to at least 1999 - not long in year agreed, but I can still view the contents, install programs etc.

Since then media development has advanced at a dramatic pace, so one would presume that increased longevity would be a factor.

  stlucia 16:33 14 Jan 2004

Professionally produced disks are made by a different process from our CD-Rs, and are not prone to degradation in the same way.

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