CD stuck in drive.

  CPU Temperature Too High 09:07 08 Apr 2003

If I put a CD in my CDRW drive, the CD goes in and works, but if I try to press the eject button, nothing happens, It just wont come out. I can still access the CD through My copmuter icon, but I cannot eject it. So I always have to restart, and take the CD out when the PC searches for all the installed drives. I try to eject the CD through my computer icon, but it still wont eject, what can I do to resolve the problem?

  CPU Temperature Too High 09:31 08 Apr 2003


If all else is working properly, then it looks as thought the drive has had it!

If you need to remove the CD without a reboot you will see a very small hole in the front panel near the eject button. Unbend a paper clip and push it into this hole (Its exactly what it is there for) and press and the tray should manually slide out far enough for you to grip it and pull it out all the way.

however, a new CD drive may be on the cards in my opinion!

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