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  [DELETED] 21:31 06 Sep 2003

I've looking for a way to store my software CDs.

I have previously bought card boxes from Woolworths, but they don't sell them anymore.

This is the kind of thing that I'm looking for:
click here

I can't seem to find anything in the UK. Any help would be appreciated

  [DELETED] 21:44 06 Sep 2003
  [DELETED] 22:09 06 Sep 2003

Thanks for the links clayton.

Unfortunately, I'm not really after sleeves since I prefer to keep my CDs in jewel cases. Also, I haven't got the space for a rack. I wanted some boxes that I could stack away.

  [DELETED] 22:30 06 Sep 2003
  [DELETED] 22:43 06 Sep 2003

Thanks, but I couldn't find what I wanted there either.

I wouldn't have thought it would be that difficult to find what I was after, but I haven't had any luck yet.

(I used to work in a music shop and they had loads of boxes to store the CDs in.)

  [DELETED] 22:53 06 Sep 2003

click here Try This One Then.

  [DELETED] 09:37 07 Sep 2003

Hi, I suggest you have a quiet word with the manager of your local Shoe shop as a shoe box looks about the right size?????

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