CD Sold singly from package bundle

  beautiful 12:42 02 May 2010

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2nd May 2010

PC Advisor Helpline

Dear Sirs,

Following my placing of an order with Morgan Computers (click here) I ordered a software item on their offer entitled Photoshop Elements 8 at a cost of £2 plus P & P. The total cost of the transaction came to £34.29. This was ordered last Thursday and arrived Saturday morning by Royal Mail letter post.

Up inspection of the CD I noticed that the following words were clearly written on the CD “FOR BUNDLES ONLY – NOT TO BE SOLD SEPARATELY”.

I therefore feel that this may not be a legitimate item to be sold as I was not made aware of this anywhere on their website or in the offer made. Whilst I accept that this CD is probably genuine from ADOBE is it legal to sell to the public. Should this item be returned under the distance selling regulations or am I legal in using and agreeing to the receipt of this product.?

I enclose a copy of the CD in question together with the detail contacts regarding the website of Morgan Computers.

Yours faithfully

Martin D Sales
PC Advisor subscriber

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  bremner 12:50 02 May 2010

What help do you require?

  Chris the Ancient 13:10 02 May 2010

Now that you have given your email address to all and sundry (not a very good idea), expect plenty of spam.

I ordered a software item on their offer entitled Photoshop Elements 8 at a cost of £2 plus P & P.

A significant typo. The item was £32!

And as bremner said. 'What help do you require?'

What is the purpose of your post?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:08 02 May 2010



  rdave13 17:32 02 May 2010

If the CD was thrown in with the order, for £2, and clearly states that the CD was not to be sold seperatly, then there may be an issue? Depending on what package the software originaly came with.

  rdave13 17:35 02 May 2010

Hmm.. separately even.

  mooly 19:36 02 May 2010

It sounds sort of suspicious to me.
I got a copy of MS Works 8 with a new laptop, genuine of course which says on it "only to be supplied with a new PC" or something similar.

So yes I'd be suspicious... have these been kept back somehow, and now being resold ?

You need to be very careful before accusing... so I guess the folk to ask are Adobe.

  Pine Man 19:44 02 May 2010

Given that the cheapest price I can find on the web is about £60 did you really expect a 'kosher' version for just over £30?

  rdave13 19:46 02 May 2010

Could be that whatever you ordered originally was 'bundled' with the OEM software for an extra £2.
Ask Morgan Computers as they will know the legalities of OEM software.
Sounds OK to me.

  rdave13 19:49 02 May 2010

beautiful states ' Following my placing of an order with Morgan Computers ....' then orders the software for two squids. So it's 'bundled'.

  northumbria61 20:15 02 May 2010

Pine Man - no - beautiful corrected herself by saying she had done a typo error - the cost was £32 (not £2) plus postage - Total Cost £34.29

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