CD-RW won’t record

  al1234 15:45 14 Nov 2003

Please help my CD-RW just spins around when I put a blank CD in the drive the light stays on and the mouse will then freeze, I have to reboot to get the blank CD out of the drive, I’m running Windows XP HOME edition. Any suggestions!

  SEASHANTY 15:55 14 Nov 2003

Try a different make of blank disc in the drive. Check that the drive will play ordinary CD's (not the copy protected ones). Bring up Device Manager
from Control Panel and check out your CD-RW drive.
Doubble click the drive in Device Manager to bring up the properties window. It will tell you if the device is working properly. Also there should be the option there to "troubleshoot"

  palinka 17:00 14 Nov 2003

Will it PLAY CDs? I had a problem from the start with CD RW in a new pc; it would play but not record. In the end I replaced the CDRW.
Is it new? If so, take it back.

  pj123 17:04 14 Nov 2003

What software did you get with the CD/RW drive? If it was Nero did you install INCD?

  al1234 21:17 14 Nov 2003

The drive is 18 months old and it wont play any CD's the light just stays on and freezes the computer, and yes and the software is nero and i installed INCD.

  [email protected] E 21:35 14 Nov 2003

sounds like it has died? if it wont read any disks

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