cd-rw windows xp home pop up ballon problem

  ray27 18:37 22 May 2003

I seem to have lost the pop up balloon that was on the task bar I have saved quizzs from the net by selecting save as and the file was coppied to a cd burning box and then I would click on the pop up that informed me that files were waiting to be coppied and I could copy the quizzs to a cd-rw. I also have slide shows saved in my pictures folder but the option to save to cd seems to have dissapeared from the windows left hand menu Ideas.The problem seemed to start after I tried using in-cd but as this didnt work I unistalled it but I have since reinstalled it to no effect.I also tried to restored to a previous date but that had no effect either

  barrie_g 19:09 22 May 2003

do a system restore to a point before you had any problems.

  powerless 00:27 23 May 2003

click here at point 4 do the opposite.

"4. Double-click this new entry, and then give it a hexadecimal value of 0." This value maybe already 0. If it is change it to 1.

  ray27 08:55 23 May 2003

I have restored but it is still the same What seems to be wrong is that before when I copied something it created a file and then asked me to burn it and when this was done the files were deleted I cant do this now. Anything I try to copy to the cd-rw comes back with "Cannot create the file access is denied".
Using nero to copy discs is fine but coppying anything using windows seems to be out.I have tried save as and send to but still cannot copy enything The pop up box I refered to used to inform me that I had files waiting to be burned this dosnt happen now. The bottom line is I cannot save anything to cd-rw E using windows. How can I get this facility back?

  keith-236785 09:42 23 May 2003

forget windows cd writing, use nero instead. you have mentioned In CD & nero, windows seems to throw a wobbly if you install any other cd writing software. in my case i installed nero and windows would no longer write to a cd, it went through all the process then told me it had encountered a problem. stick with nero.

if you want to clear the contents of the "ready to burn" section then double click your cdrw in My Computer and choose Delete temporary files, this will remove all the waitnig files from view (it does not delete them from your system).

hope this helps

  ray27 10:11 23 May 2003

Things have taken a turn for the worse system restore will not restore to any point.As the pc is only 4 months old I spoke to the MESH SUPPORT(NOW THERE A JOKE) and they said that I must reinstal windows I wouldnt mind to much but that is what I had to do just 2 days after getting the thing and for an old chap like me new to the game it wasnt very easy. I read that windows xp was more stable than the previous editions but looking at all the problems in the forum I dont think it is.Am I just unlucky(I mean about having to reinstall windows twice in 4 months or is this the norm. If any one can sugest a cure other than a reinstall I would be very gratfull

  keith-236785 10:46 23 May 2003

if you see this as a major problem then format and reinstall windows again. do not put any other cd writing software on and see if you can write to cd through windows. as for win xp I think it is great, after using windows 3.1,win95,win98se. XP is for me, i would not go back to any of them, XP is more stable but as i said putting expecting your pc to deal with THREE different cd writing progs im not suprised it has given up. System restore, was it turned on(by default it is on), had you turned it off and back on again, if you did you would have lost all your restore points. i have used stsytem restore and it is ok but be aware if you have a virus on your system, this will also be saved on system restore. I have had to reinstall win xp three times in seven months, twice because i had a trojan horse(virus) and one through choice to have a clear system, a system kept to a bare minimum is always going to be more stable, the more you put on the more there is to conflict.

hope this helps you, if not post back
good luck

  ray27 18:46 28 May 2003

They have checked my system (Mesh Suport ) and my problems have been due to a faulty hard drive which they are replacing in 3/4 days time
Why couldn't thay have done this the first time and saved all this aggro ?
I shall tick this as resolved but I won't hold my breath

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