cd-rw slow!!

  gazbut 18:29 19 Jul 2003

hi- bought a msi 52 speed cdrw but when i write discs the fastest it writes is 8x even though ive selected 40x. any ideas??
dma is enabled
its connected as master
i'm running an athlon 1gig processor with 256 meg

can you help
cheers gaz

  Jimma 18:32 19 Jul 2003

What software are you using?

What type of media are you burning to (CDR/CDRW)?

What type of info are you trying to burn (music/VCD/files)?

  hugh-265156 18:35 19 Jul 2003

if its burning a cdrw disc then this is normal.most cdrw discs are only x4.

cdr discs can burn much faster.just because you drive supports x52 though does not mean that you can burn at this speed.

buy x52 compatable discs.

my drive is x32 but i usually burn at x4 even to cdr.less errors that way.

it only takes a few extra mins.

  Stuartli 18:52 19 Jul 2003

CD-RW disks, as stated, cannot be written to at similar speeds to CD-Rs; until recently top speed was 10 or 12x although rewriters are now out that are able to write up to 16x and 24x if appropriate CD-RW media can be sourced.

huggyg71 is right about writing to CD-R media at a speed one or two times below a disk's potential, such as 16x for a 24x CD-R; you don't drive your car flat out all the time....:-)

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