CD-RW rewrite problems

  pinelea 16:29 20 Feb 2010

I have half-a-dozen discs I use for back-ups, adding files in small numbers as they accumulate. recently, each time i've tried to make an addition, with all of these discs, it's not been possible and, wehn going to the disc's "Properties", the display has been of zero space, even tho' showuiing only part-full.

Can I a) put this right and b) prevent it from happening again?

I'm not using additional software, just the native supply with XP SP3, although I did try Nero with no better result.

  rawprawn 16:36 20 Feb 2010

I think they need to be formatted.

  retep888 16:42 20 Feb 2010

These CD-RWs are a pain and not reliable.

Nowaday I'd suggest you to use a USB flash drive or better with an external drive instead.

  rawprawn 16:57 20 Feb 2010

I agree with retep888, I have about 10 in my drawer which I never now use. A pen drive is handier and more reliable.

  rdave13 18:12 20 Feb 2010

You could also use CD-R's if you are only burning data to the disc. It won't finalize the disc if burning data and you can add information until the disc is full. They're also cheaper than rewritables.
Flash drives are ok but even these can fail. If you go for one then buy a reasonably priced one and not the cheaper kind.

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