CD-RW read only??

  mikegm6 09:19 01 Dec 2003

I have various photos stored on cd-rw. When I try to rename photos or delete i am getting the message telling me i cannot do this they are 'read only' When i remove the radio button 'dot'to remove 'read only'in properties nothing happens. Any ideas. I thought the whole idea of cd-rw is that you can change and delete?

  Smiler 09:27 01 Dec 2003

Did you use a programme such as InCD to write the rewritable cd or did you just copy the files to the cd using a program such as Nero.

If you used Nero or other then the cd acts just like a normal cd in as much as you cant alter the files on it but you can erase the whole cd and use it again.

Usin InCd or any other packet writing program allows you to treat the CDRW like a large floppy disk.

  mikegm6 10:32 01 Dec 2003

I just copied the photos using xp home.If I use InCd can i then change the names etc?

  pj123 12:48 01 Dec 2003

If you use INCD to format the CD/RW disk it will behave just like a very large floppy disk. You can delete, rename, add etc. But, from what I have been told Win XP burning software is something to do with Roxio and not Nero. Roxio and Nero don't like each other very much on the same system. You might like to try and find DirectCD which is Roxio's formatting programme. This does the same thing as INCD. Personally, I don't format my CD/RWs anymore because 1. it takes about 35 minutes and 2. it doesn't always work. I use NeroBurn to add, and delete files on the CD/RW. I think if you want to rename a file already on the CD/RW you would have to rename it first (maybe by opening it first and resaving under a different name) and then burn it to the CD and Delete the original from the CD.

  Quiller. 13:37 01 Dec 2003

x\p burning software is a cut down version of Roxio.

Nero and Roxio have worked together to make their burning software compatible with each other. If you have recent updates of both software, then you can work with both, but only with windows X\P.

I have both installed on my system for over a year and the both work well with the cdrw and the new dvd burner. Nero is by far the better and when I do format a cdrw or dvdrw, not very often, this usually takes less than 30 seconds.

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