CD-RW question........again

  SB23 13:33 21 Jan 2006

With reference to my last post click here , regarding my cd writer, I have just had to use it for some work I was saving to disc. Now as I had said before,its not playing music very well at all,but it is copying files and sound, with what would seem to be no problems.
If I go into device manager is it possible to uninstall this device, then reinstall to see if it helps, because surely if it is really on its way,it wouldn't be able to do what it has just done. ( I have checked using my other drive,and the song I copied is ok).

I really don't understand.


  Totally-braindead 13:42 21 Jan 2006

If it burns disks ok and its only when playing music no notice the problem then its entirely possible its the sound card thats faulty and nothing to do with the CD writer at all. If you're running XP then there is no real problem, just delete the drive, restart and it will find it and automatically install the drivers, if that doesn't help then I would reinstall the sound drivers and see what that does.

  Totally-braindead 13:44 21 Jan 2006

By the way you mention in your title CDRW disks, they are not as stable as CDRs and I personally no longer use them, I just back up onto CDRs as a multisession disk and keep adding files until the disk is full.

  SB23 14:02 21 Jan 2006

I don't normally use cd-rw's now , but it was the only disc that I had left,and will do for now,I will transfer to cdr abit later.
I will uninstall the drive and see what happens.
Back soon.

  SB23 14:42 21 Jan 2006

I uninstalled the drive,windows found the drive,reinstalled software,problem was still there.
I've got a creative sound card,tried a reinstall, and hey presto, drive is playing a cd, and it doesn't sound like the artist is underwater.
Why I didn't think of a reinstall I will never know.
Thanks Totally-braindead / Forum.You've just saved me the cost of a new drive.


  Totally-braindead 14:44 21 Jan 2006

Glad its sorted.

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