cd rw probs

  wingfield 14:22 20 Nov 2004

I upgraded from Win 2K to XP a while ago and found my CD burning software wasn't compatible. XP provided some and this has worked ok on CD R's for audio. However I can't seem to burn CR RW's for data or photos. I've been onto the Microsoft website for advice and found something but after following the instructions it appears my system is set up correctly. Could it be the brand of CD RW disc I'm using. These always worked OK on the previous software. I haven't tried a different make yet as they are a bit expensive and don't want to waste money on something that isn't going to make any difference.

Any help out there please?

  smudge101 14:30 20 Nov 2004

Hi. In Xp you should be able to right click on any selected file(s) and then 'Send To' the cdrw.
Can you do this? It will put the file(s) in a folder first then you select to burn the files.
If you are struggling you may need to have a look at a free burning program called Deepburner click here

  wingfield 15:12 20 Nov 2004

Since putting this problem on the site I searched previous helps and found a link to Deepburner. I've downloaded it and am currently playing with it.
The first run wasn't successful - it spat the disc out during the process - said there was an error writing it
I'm just going to have another go. If this isn't successful it's either the brand of disc or the writer itself - in which case I'll have to part with some cash. Thanks for your help - I'll keep you posted.

  wingfield 15:22 20 Nov 2004

Seems there is a hardware problem - although I've just been into Control Panel and System but there isn't any conflicts.
The Deepburner says there is a Writer Error (Hardware error(Track following error))
I'l have a rummage in the Internet and see if I can find anything.
Looks as if I'll have to get a new writer.

  ACOLYTE 15:23 20 Nov 2004

what did xp provide you said "some" some what?
to burn cd/rw is the same as cd-r so if you player burns cr-r ok it must be the disc's.

  TomJerry 15:36 20 Nov 2004

do not want pay much, get Nero for £3.48 click here, it is OEM version, but work for all burner (I was told), try it out your self for just a five

do not want to pay: download fully work 30 days trial of Nero every 30 days click here. Download new one when old one stop, nero is pushing out new version every 30 days. Very naughty, but it is an option without paying and without breaking law.

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