cd-rw problems

  bobfromburt 21:31 12 Jan 2005

Can anyone help please !
Every time i put a blank CD into my CD-RW drive i get the message "Please insert a blank CD " or similar.Could you tell me how to check if my CD driver is faulty or the driver.Being a bit of a numpty with these things single syllable words would be helpful.

  mattyc_92 21:39 12 Jan 2005

When do you actually get the message??? and what operating system are you using??

  Modo 21:41 12 Jan 2005

Incompatible software after Windows updates

Incompatible disks with the writer


Software conflicts - too many programs

Old faded disks

Could go on for ever. Have to admit I've got a Teac drive on one machine that has always been a basket case.

A new drive will cost you £15 and take 5 minutes to fit. You'll save on wasted disks.

  bobfromburt 21:45 12 Jan 2005

Thanks one and all. For the sake of £15 - £25 i may as well get a new drive.Then again ,any recommendations of make and where to get it from.

  Modo 21:55 12 Jan 2005

Watford, amazon, simply.

You've reminded me to stop wasting disks using my Teac - I keep forgetting. I then revert to old disks on an old Dell and they work fine.

Don't forget you could get a dual layer 16X DVDRW for not much over £30 that will also do CD/CDRW.

  Sans le Sou 22:08 12 Jan 2005

Novatech have the NEC3500A dual layer for around £44 in black or beige, not the cheapest but high quality and quick. click here

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