CD RW problem with In CD

  wobblymike 19:55 08 Jan 2004

Can anyone help with a perplexing problem - I have just upgraded a 4 year old PC to XP pro - it has a 900Mhz processor, loads of RAM and a 4 speed CDRW which while slow is perfectly functional. I loaded Nero 5 (the original software that came with the writer)and that works fine; I tried to load In CD from the same disc but it would not load so I loaded a later version (still version 5) which did load and which read a RW CD but reported it as full with only 100Mb on it - the In CD icon in the system tray did not change colour while reading the disc. I am mystified can anyone shed any light. Incidentally I tried to load Nero 6 but it did not want to know - don't know whether that is significant.

  bremner 20:23 08 Jan 2004

Before you load Nero 6 you are instructed to unistall any previous version. If you did not do so this may account for why it would not load.

  minter 21:05 08 Jan 2004

Does your computer meet the requirements for XP.

To check go to click here.

Go to the Nero website click here
there is a FAQ section for Nero and InCD, if these don't answer your problem - then uninstall Nero 5, download the latest version of 5 (not 6) and install that, get hold of InCD and install that after you install Nero.

  minter 21:08 08 Jan 2004

While on the Nero website check "Supported Recorders" and see if your CD-RW is supported.

Just because it isn't does not mean it will not work.

Just post back and we will try something else.

  wobblymike 09:03 09 Jan 2004


Checking out your suggections will get back - thanks


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