CD-RW Problem

  Beann Syrup 01:29 25 Jun 2003

I just seem to have deleted a whole CD with a lot of personal data and photos. I have been using InCD Packet writing software for the past 2 years with no problems. I usually keep a back up in My Documents, but deleted most of the back-up for this CD the other week. I had the disk opened yesterday with no problems, but when I tried to open it tonight there was nothing. The CD is showing up blank on the CDRW Drive and full on the CD Drive.
When I was loading the CD it I was also deleting something from My Documents - not connected with it. Could I have deleted the CD as well? Help!

  y_not 13:11 25 Jun 2003


  Lone Crow 13:29 25 Jun 2003

Possibly the File Allocation area of your disk has become corrupted so the info may still all be there (hence shows full on your CD drive) but your CD-RW drive is unable to access it. If so, you'll need some specialist software to enable you to get to the info. Unless some techie here can point you in the right direction for a suitable freebie you'll have to do a web search. Tucows might be a good place to start, perhaps. I'm sure there will be links to other sites there too, and others will prob chip in here. Good luck.
Lone Crow.

  toxin 15:13 25 Jun 2003

Hi Beann Syrup!

Try PCInspector from click here

Ihave just recovered about 100 jpegs deleted from ny hard disk, I don't know whether it will work for a CD but it's worth a try.


  Beann Syrup 16:06 25 Jun 2003

Thanks all for your help. Toxin, I've tried PC Inspector but in the FAQs it says that it cannot recover from CD-RW or DVD yet, but there will be a programme shortly. I'll wait and see if anything else comes along, if not I'll wait for PC Inspector. Can't see anything on Tucows that would do, but will have another closer look later.
I was absolutely gutted as most of the pics I'd taken in the last 4 years were on it as well as other files I was working on which took ages to do.
I was going to back-up to another CD-RW next week as I've got a busy week this week and I was also going to put the pics on a web page (although I don't know how secure that is).
A lesson to be learned, back up asap!

  Smiler 18:50 25 Jun 2003

Why on earth didn't you put the files onto cdr as cdrw is not a very safe medium. What happened to you also happened to me but not on such a large scale. So I now save to cdrw but keep the files on the hard disc as well then when I have enough to fill a cdr I copy them across. It also pays to keep copies of these cds in a cool dark place incase they get damaged. Sorry I can't help with retrieving the photo's but hope you have some luck in the future.
Back up Back up Back up!!!!!!!!!!

  Gaz 25 18:59 25 Jun 2003

You know what I do:

I copy them on to CD-R which I know you can only copy once to but it is a lot safer.

They are so cheap and quick now and reliable.

So give it a go.

  Beann Syrup 00:52 20 Jul 2003

Thanks a million to Brian.Willey who advised me of a programme called Bad Copy which had just seen in PCW September edition.
I did a search and found it at click here and downloaded an evaluation copy.
I installed the programme and it found my files (1506) and some bad sectors. To save the files I had to buy the programme $39US which I have just done and about 3 minutes later I was e-mailed a registration No. to enter and unlock the programme. I have done this and saved my files. I will now back them up twice!! The whole process took less than an hour.
Thanks to this wonderful site.

  Smiler 10:00 20 Jul 2003

Glad the program worked for you. This is what the site is all about.

  DieSse 10:16 20 Jul 2003

Another thing this forum is all about is keeping threads in public on the forum, so that everyone sees what's going on.

I appreciate that it's come out in the end, and I'm glad you (I presume it was you) were able to solve Beann Syrup's problem, but just a plea to keep things in public view for the simple sake of helping others more.

  Smiler 14:39 20 Jul 2003

I sent an e-mail to Beann Syrup to make sure that the message was read asap and in case Beann Syrup had already solved the problem. Will post as well in future. Suitably admonished. Here is a copy of my e-mail sent to Beann Syrup yesterday:-

Regarding your loss of data from a CDRW back in june I have just received the September edition of Personal Computer World and there is a program called bad copy which claimes to be able to recover data from a damaged CDRW. Don't know if it's any good but may be worth a try.
Good luck

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