CD-RW Problem

  SABRE 11:38 03 Sep 2003

PC running Win 2000 Pro.
Just tried fitting a CD-RW and PC will not boot properly. Think it might be a jumper problem. The PC has its hard drive and existing CD connected to the motherboard via a ribbon cable. I tried to connect the new drive via another ribbon cable to the spare EIDE connector on the motherboard.
What is confusing me is the jumper settings. On the CD-RW above the jumper are two rows of letters. Top row is CSM, bottom is SLA. The jumper is set to the middle position (as it is on the existing CD).
Is this a jumper prob. or is there more to it?

  seancblack 11:52 03 Sep 2003

the letters dont read across, they read down. CS = cable select, SL = slave, MA = master, If this drive is on the secondary IDE on its own, you should set the jumpers to MASTER (MA). you currently have it set to slave.

  moore_mat 11:54 03 Sep 2003

Hi Sabre

You are reading the back incorrectly. Instead of CSM and SLA, it's actually CS, SL, and MA - you read them downwards.
These stand for
Cable Select

You can forget about the CS setting as it doesn't apply, so if you move the jumper from SL to MA it should work OK.

Let us know how you get on



  moore_mat 11:54 03 Sep 2003

Argh beaten to it!

Spot on seancblack!


  SABRE 20:00 03 Sep 2003

Advice acted on and now all OK. Really appreciate the help.

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