CD-RW not reading disks

  TOPCAT? 16:59 30 Oct 2003

TC is in a spot of bother, guys!

I've just removed my working CD-ROM and installed a secondhand A-OPEN CRW4048 CD-RW. Now, I keep getting a request to insert a disk into drive D, and its front LED is flashing continuously. Have tried several good CDs containing Autoplay.inf files but still cannot not run them.

I've also checked the registry entry in H_KEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer and the NoDriveTypeAutoRun - Value data entry is correct at: 95 00 00 00 (Microsoft Knowledge Base article 312475). Though, when right clicking the drive in My Computer the AutoPlay command is still missing from the shortcut menu.

The drive shows correctly in Device Manager with the following attributes.

Settings - Auto-insert notification enabled - DMA is enabled and the best Windows driver in use is named: C:\Windows\|INF\MSCDROM.INF.

Properties shows the volumes slider on High, and under Digital CD Playback, the "Enable digital CD audio for this CD-ROM device" is enabled but greyed out. My Operating System is WinMe.

One other, possible critical piece of info is this CD-RW came from a Tiny PC that had its PCU burn out recently. It seems to have killed the mobo too, so I'm wondering if this drive's laser pickup has also gone 'phut' with it. I was hoping to make use of it for backing up to CD-Rs!! Any further help would be gratefully received. TC.

  TOPCAT? 17:14 30 Oct 2003

Have tried that, thanks, and rebooted but still no good. :( TC.

  TOPCAT? 17:39 30 Oct 2003

Have tried this, but it comes back with the same driver as mentioned above, and still no disk read either!

What about removing the drive from Device Manager and using the Add New Hardware tool to reinstall it? TC.

  TOPCAT? 18:00 30 Oct 2003

I'll give it one more try with a reinstall and report back with the results. Methinks DieSse is correct and the drive is kaput! Shame really. TC.

  TOPCAT? 18:15 30 Oct 2003

Well, it still doesn't work, so it's back to the old CD-ROM for me. Thanks for the help/suggestions peoples.

It's being so cheerful that keeps me going!! :o)) TC.

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