CD-RW and DVD-RW problems

  Ankermi31 09:33 02 Sep 2012

MS XP Home Service Pack 3 AMD athalon 64x2DualCore Processor 6000+ 1.9GB Ram NVIDIA GeoForce 6150SE


The problem I have is I am unable to copy additional files to either my CD or DVD.

Example. Friday, one folder copied across containing photos. Folder marked as Read Only.

Saturday. Not able to add any additional folders to the drive(s).

I can copy the folders back to the hard drives. Then the Disc(s) will no longer allow more content to be saved. At times messages appear saying disc is full when I know it cannot possibly be.

Have used the M/S copy and send to facilities to no avail. Also CDBurner XP all with the same results.

Have checked properties for both drives and showing working correctly.

Opening the CD Drive and going to Recording this shows a check mark in allow to record but on the DVD drive there is no check mark in the similar box.


Any thoughts?

  rdave13 09:47 02 Sep 2012

You need CDBurner XP to burn DVDs in XP as XP hasn't got this feature. When you burn to RW disks you need it to be multi session and not finalizes (closed) as this prevents further burning. Save your data on one of these disks then use CDBurner to erase the disk and try again using multi-session.

  woodchip 17:03 02 Sep 2012

Sounds like the CD as been closed Finalised after writing to it, this stops you putting more files on the disc

  Ankermi31 12:18 03 Sep 2012

Thanks your replies but do not think that is the problem. I have now had the opportunity of looking at this XP desk computer in more detail.

There are two users on it. Sue and Alan but with Administrator rights.

I have gone into Sue's side and I can copy across files containing text and pics to both dvd rw and cd rw with no problems and have copied back across from the disc to the hard drive no problem. I have used the M/s copy facilities (the menu on the left hand side) and also right clicked the mouse.

However on going onto Alan's side there is the problematic side as detailed in my original posting. It is also showing the message that the cd/dvd is full when it is not even with a new disc.

Its strange that one side is working correctly and the other is not. I have no idea where to begin, assuming it is a possible corruption ?

Thanks as always

  rdave13 16:47 03 Sep 2012

Have a look at Alan's device manager and check if the device is working properly. You could uninstall from there then go to Action tab, and select scan for hardware changes, it should then re-install.

  Ankermi31 17:29 03 Sep 2012

Hi rdave13 Have been through the device manager (thought it as well to check everything) no errors or anything showing whatsoever. CD and DVD drives showing working correctly.

Am loath to uninstall anything, never done this sort of thing before.

The only different programme that Alan had on was a Roxio Creator 12 and he thinks the problems started when that was on. Roxio has been removed by computer technician due to the complexity of its "bits and pieces".

So the problem still remains. Thank you for responding.

  Ankermi31 08:51 04 Sep 2012

Any further thoughts anyone, very important stuff on the CDs DVDs which needs working on.

If hear nothing will have to resort to the technicians again.

Have checked the settings on both parties and they appear the same.

Am wondering if this is a corruption or a registry error but no idea how to check it out.

  woodchip 20:22 04 Sep 2012

Try SFC/SCANNOW in the Run Box

  Ankermi31 08:24 05 Sep 2012


Won't work.

Get message up saying "Windows cannot find SFC/SCANNOW, Make sure you type the name correctly and try again. To search for the file, click the Start button and then click search."

  woodchip 09:05 05 Sep 2012

Forgot to say put a space before /

  Ankermi31 11:58 05 Sep 2012

Mistakes happen, you are forgiven!

Did that.

Message reads: Files that are required for Windows to run properly must be copied to the DLL cache.

Insert your Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 CD now.

NB WE HAVE WINDOWS XP HOME edition loaded. M/s Service Pack 3 loaded for Office.

On clicking More Information get the message

You have inserted the wrong CD etc or CD drive not working

NB> Well all the CDs work fine as far as we know and the CD drive does not as it was checked out last week at the technicians.

Over to you once more Woodchip. In anticipation.


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