CD RW and DVD rom only work sporadically

  yvie 21:27 01 May 2007

Hi all

I am having a prob with my CDRW and DVD rom...errr....not sure what they are called?.... the drawers that you put the disks in? THe dvd rom one wont play at all now....and the CD rw only works occasionally. I just keep opening and closing the drawer and sometimes eventually it works. Does this mean that the whole computer will have to be changed...or is there something inside that I can change?

I am trying to put pictures and films on cds, and checking the ones I already have done, but although I know they have files on them they just wont play or be recognised. If that makes sense at all.

I have a cybermaxx pc about 5 years old running xp.


  phono 21:46 01 May 2007

Have you tried using a lens cleaning disc on the drives?

The whole computer does not have to be changed if either, or even both, of the drives are defective, you can simply buy and install new drives, they aren't too expensive these days and installing a new drive is very simple.

Having said all that, as the PC is 5 years old now it may be an idea to replace it as they are quite cheap now, funds permitting of course.

  yvie 21:56 01 May 2007

Many thanks Phono, I take it I can buy one at pc world or similar? I will try that first. Im glad I may be able to replace them, right now a new pc isn't an option unfortunately, but something to keep it going for a bit longer would be great. After all the work transferring the camcorder tapes I just need it to last long enough to get them all on disc!

I don't know why this machine still scares me, every time I'm taught something new I realise its all quite simple really. (fingers crossed as I type that!!)

Thanks again for your help


  birdface 21:59 01 May 2007

First try Skidzy.s solution first. click here

  phono 22:12 01 May 2007

A CD/DVD lens cleaning disc can be purchased at any computer store, I am sure PC World will have one.

  phono 22:14 01 May 2007

If you need new drives there is an explanation, complete with pictures at click here

  yvie 22:31 01 May 2007

Thank you both so much, that is a great help.

ANd the 'how to' link is very helpful. Taking the pc apart is quite scary but that makes it look so easy.

Ill let you know the result.
Thanks again


  phono 22:45 01 May 2007

No problem, please keep us posted.

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