CD-RW Drives - Coming to an end?

  powerless 20:50 18 Jun 2003

At the moment their are 52X speed writers that are all ready to brought by us lot. (well not me i'm hapy with my 48X)

But, how fast can they go?

Seems to me they are coming to an end of their maximum speeds. Any increase in speed would come at a cost.

So we move to DVD writers. Gigs of space and prices fallings...

CD-RW drives are slowly on the way out?

  Stuartli 21:56 18 Jun 2003

Even 24x, 32x and 48x speeds are stretching the boundaries of a technology that was orginally intended merely to play audio CDs at 1x.

Remember the excitement when double speed and then 4x drives were released and even more so at 8x; the prices too were astronomical. Then people became blase about the subject and accepted higher and higher speeds with little reaction.

As Gongoozler rightly points out, experiments have shown that disks can shatter at very high speeds, although it is pretty rare.

No doubt we will soon have DVD rewriter speeds escalating quite dramatically - meanwhile manufacturers will continue to overcharge customers for technology that has its basic roots in the humble CD drive.

  Stuartli 09:03 19 Jun 2003

The simple answer to your question is to limit your burning speeds to 16x, 24x or, say 32x, at maximum if you have one of the latest CD-ROM drives - it's not a prerequisite to burn at the maximum speed...:-)

It's also more reliable, almost certainly extends the life of a rewriter and will probably result in fewer coasters.

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