CD-RW Drive "locked"

  The Belarussian Mafia 13:32 06 Nov 2003

I use Adaptec Direct CD & Adaptec EasyCD Creator to write to my (Philips) CD drive.

I had no problems until I reduced the number of partitions on my hard drive from 2 to 1. Now whenever I place a disk in the drive, the icon on the task bar menu has a red lock next to the drive, and I'm told the drive is "locked". The Roxio website is next to useless. Anyone know what is going on?

By the way I remapped all drive partitions using Drive Mapper (that comes with Partition Magic), but I suspect something might have gone amiss.

  Taff36 13:43 06 Nov 2003

You don`t say what OS you are using but check this out. CONTROL PANEL>SYSTEM>HARDWARE>DEVICE MANAGER (This is XP - you may have to improvise a little)then right click your CD rom drive and choose properties. Make sure that the device is enabled in the usage box.

  BigMoFoT 13:48 06 Nov 2003

Uninstall and re-install Direct CD/Adaptec software

  The Belarussian Mafia 14:07 06 Nov 2003

Taff36 - I'm on Win98SE. I went to My Computer - E drive & right clicked properties. The device was marrked "unlocked" until a disk was inserted, at which point the little red lock appeared. Right-clicking properties then revealed "locked".

BigMoFoT - I've already tried reinstalling the software, all to no avail, I'm afraid.

  Newuser4165 15:07 06 Nov 2003

Try changing the drive letter to something other than E

  alcudia 15:13 06 Nov 2003

What were the drive letters before you removed the partition. It's pssible that thingfs have become a bit confused and you may need to relabel.

  The Belarussian Mafia 15:31 06 Nov 2003

I'll try this if folks are sure it is a possible fix, although it doesn't seem like a very neat solution. What meakes me feel cautious is that there does not appear to be any problem with the system actually "seeing" the drive - "E".

By the way, the CD-RW drive was previously F, the CD-ROM was E, 2nd hard disk partition was D & 1st was C. I simply got rid of D.


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