CD-RW drive

  EMM61 17:14 12 Dec 2004

My CD-RW drive ( msi 48x24x48 ) sometimes a data cd-R read it as an audio cd or does not read it at all. Is there a method that I can solve this prob…and do you think maybe it is the quality of the cd-R’s ?

  Gongoozler 17:26 12 Dec 2004

This would appear to be one of those peculiar situations with no clear answer. This is from another forum:-

"Sometimes a Windows system will get into a state where it thinks that a CD-R or CD-RW data disc is an audio CD. This is very peculiar, since the CD-ROMs aren't "enhanced" discs with both audio and data content. In some cases the problem only happens with a CD recorder -- a CD-ROM drive in the same machine will work correctly -- or vice-versa.

One situation where this is reported to occur is with a JVC XR-W2080 with v2.06 firmware (or an equivalent OEM version). If you have the Roxio UDF
reader loaded, whether manually or as part of installing DirectCD 3.x, the problem will occur. Removing the UDF reader, either with Add/Remove Programs or renaming \Windows\System\Iosubsys\Udfreadr.vxd, is said to fix the problem. --- One user found that replacing the IDE cable made the problem go away."

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