CD RW discs and digital photographs

  Walt1 17:11 02 Jul 2005

Today I had my first attempt at transferring digital photographs from my computer on to a CD RW disc. Then I tried to delete the pictures I didn't want from the disc but it wouldn't let me, saying "Read Only." Will I be able to get prints from this disc, or is "Read Only" the norm
for all material transferred on to a CD RW disc?


  Pesala 17:49 02 Jul 2005

1. Format the disk differently. Nero InCD or Adaptec Direct CD will let you use the CD-RW like a floppy disk, then the files won't be read only. You can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer. Read-only files can be used for printing.

2. CD-RW disks are often unreliable for long-term storage. Look at alternatives like an external USB hard drive or USB pendrive, which also transfer data much faster. CD-R can also be used in multi-session mode so you can keep adding new files to the disk, but of course you cannot delete files. CD-R is a bit more reliable, and cheap.

I gave up using CD-RW because I was wasting too much time formatting them, and often found them unreadable after six months of use. For files that don't change I now use CD-R. For daily backup I copy compressed archives to a 256 Mbyte USB drive. For photos, you would need more space. An external hard disk might be best.

  Diemmess 18:25 02 Jul 2005

Just to emphasise Pesala's advice....... Don't trust RW disks for serious storage. Another HD is probably best, but if money is tight a good branded write-once CD is next best.

Provide you leave it open you can keep adding to it excluding any files you want to delete. They will still be there, but will not show or be accessible. When the disk is full you can start another. Read-only is of course normal for the write once type of disk but you can always edit the photo on your HD and Save-As a new name

  Stuartli 23:22 02 Jul 2005

I'm a bit puzzled about Diemmess's advice, quite correct, to use CD-Rs rather than CD-RWs (which have a very much lower reflectivity level) in multisession form until they are full, "but will not be accessible" until then.

I use multisession CD-Rs for all types of files - data, pix, programs, applications, utilities etc - finalising each one before the last batch of files is added.

All of these multisession disks can be freely used, whether they contain one file or dozens, either on mine or other systems or, in the case of pix files, on my Kiss DVD player feeding the main TV set; in actual fact some of them have never even been finalised...:-)

  Stuartli 23:23 02 Jul 2005

The Kiss DVD player also copes very happily with MP3 music files.

  Diemmess 09:02 03 Jul 2005

Like Stuartli I do not usually bother to finalise a data storing CD........ If I add to a partly used multisession CD, I do have a choice.

Either merely to add one or more files to those already burned on, or occasionally.....

To use the Nero window to see what is there and delete any files that I don't want any more. Of course that space is gone forever, but reading the CD is simplified because it will no longer show the "deleted" files.

  alltime 09:35 03 Jul 2005

Hi Guys, This looked an interesting subject and one i feel i need some help with. (but i dont want to hijack the thread)
I have a NEC DVD RW ND-2510a Im running win xp home. I have got Two hard drives. ive never been able to get my head round getting photos onto cd,s without a load of stress etc. Perhaps some one could advise Which programme would be best for this. I seem to have a collection of DVD-Rs, CD-RWs, and DVD+RW, So will all these discs do photos and music etc.
And some advise on how to please.

  SEASHANTY 10:57 03 Jul 2005

If you had the LG GSA 4163B 16x dual layer ALL FORMAT dvd writer (£30 from Blankdiscshop)
click here
Then you could use DVD-RAM discs to store your pictures using 'drag and drop'. I did just that to drag an image folder of 228 .tif files (580MB total) onto a DVD-RAM disc. Took just over 5 mins for the file transfer. The NEC drive does not support DVD-RAM. click here

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