CD-RW Disc - Unable to rewrite

  lightfeet 07:06 18 Aug 2003

I have a number of rewritable discs which I wish to reuse but I am unable to reformat or erase them.
In Nero ( OEM) burning Rom window - Recorder Menu ?Erase Rewritable? is greyed out.
Trying to delete a highlighted track in Windows Explorer I receive ?The file ?Track 01.cda? is a read only file. Are you sure you want to delete it?? On selecting ?Yes? I get Error deleting file or folder notice ? ? Files on this CD are read only. You can still copy files to this CD, which will replace files already on the disc? but when I try dragging & dropping to the CD they go into Files Ready to be Written to the CD section, but they cannot be moved to the tracks section.
Is there a way of reformatting these CD-RW discs so that they are empty?
This is driving me mad so before I go completely bonkers could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.
Operating system is XP

  AndySD 08:25 18 Aug 2003

Try installing InCD click here

  lightfeet 07:52 19 Aug 2003

Thanks AndySD. I shall certainly look into getting InCD - looks interesting. However, in the meantime, I think I may have solved the problem. When I have had time to check that I have in fact sorted it out I will post the remedy on this thread

  billyliv 08:38 19 Aug 2003

Hi, CD/RW discs are highly unreliable. I ditched all mine ages ago and now only use CD/Rs. I have DVD-RWs but haven't tried them out yet. Cheers, Bill

  lightfeet 07:48 20 Aug 2003

Hi billyliv, yes I usually use CD-Rs but since I had a few CD-RWs from when I first had the capability of rewriting I thought I would clean them for reuse. I have now resolved the problem as follows:-
In Nero Burning main page under menu option ?Recorder? I noticed ?Image Recorder? was selected. Changing to the alternative option which in my case was ?Generic CRD-BP1600P? then returning to ?Recorder? I was able to select ?Erase Rewritable? which did the trick.

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