CD RW disc problem.

  rockton 23:48 15 Sep 2005

Can anyone please help?

A friend has given me two CD RW discs and asked if I can find out what’s wrong with them. I haven’t done much writing to CD as I’m quite new to computers and am at a loss.

When I load them nothing happens ( I don’t get the usual window requesting what I want to do) and if I open “My Computer”and hover the cursor over the D drive icon I don't get the usual reading of free and used disc space. If I double click my D drive the window that opens is empty so one would assume there was nothing on the discs. If I right click the D drive and select properties the visual display shows that both the CD’s are full, i.e. all dark blue and states, used space 0 bytes, free space 0 bytes. I then tried to send some files to the discs and each time get a message saying “there is no disc in the drive please insert a writable CD into drive D:\ . My D drive is working OK, I’ve just checked it out with one of my own discs and successfully wrote files to the CD.

What has been done to these two CD RW discs and can they be used again?



  Skills 00:47 16 Sep 2005

So these are not new cd rw's?

What cd writing software do you have installed? You could try do a full erase of the rewritable.

But rewritables only have a certain lifespan and it could be that these disks have reached the end of theirs

  rockton 01:37 16 Sep 2005

Thanks for replying. I've just spoken to my friend. The discs are new Sony 650MB CD RW's. He told me he wrote a 640MB file which he had downloaded to the discs and each time he got a message saying that there was insufficient space to write the file unless he????????, he can't remember the exact message but was asked to select "yes" to proceed or "no" to cancel. He clicked "yes". As the first disc wouldn't work, he done another with the same result. He was using Nero.


  rockton 01:54 16 Sep 2005

I meant to add that I have trying all evening to find a way to erase the discs. I only get the option to write files to the CD, and then I'm told there is no CD in the drive. There is no option to erase when I double click my D drive with the disc loaded.

I am now puzzled by this. My friend is not bothered about the CD's but I would like to find out why they can't be erased.

  BT 09:43 16 Sep 2005

Unfortunately you cannot write a 640mb file to a CDRW as some of the space is used by the computer for some 'system type' files. You can only write about 580 mb to a CDRW if you are using it in CDRW mode. You can however use a CDRW in CDR mode which is useful for doing 'Test' burns before committing to a final CDR. The CDRW disc can then be erased and used again, but must be reformatted if used as a CDRW using InCD or similar.

If you wish to recover the disc for future use try erasing it first before reformatting.

  rockton 21:59 16 Sep 2005

Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your post but I have been out all day. Thanks for your advice, it is much appreciated.

  Skills 23:31 16 Sep 2005

Open up nero express and then choose the more option and then erase disk, choose a full erase and then see if it will work again.

Or if you don't have nero on your pc right click the cd drive and choose erase cd-rw from the list

  rockton 00:33 17 Sep 2005

Thank you. I do have Nero and what you suggested with Nero Express worked perfectly. I didn't know that option to erase a disc was there.

Right clicking the CD drive in Windows did not give the option to erase.



  jack 09:46 17 Sep 2005

CD-RW discs rely on 'Packet' writing software such as In-CD[Nero]. and the type of drive is also brought into ther equasion.
Esstially a CD-RW needs that software or or similar.
Then RW works. but generally speaking only on the computer/burner/ set up that created it.

  Skills 17:06 17 Sep 2005

I do not use InCd and have no problems using a cd-rw at all I just use the multisession option for the disks and add and remove files / folders as neccessary

  woodchip 00:02 18 Sep 2005

Just put the disc in burner and in menu you will find Erase disc press that to clear the disc it should then be reusable

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