CD-RW cannot copy anything

  basherb 10:36 14 Jun 2003

got windows xp home and professional on two separate hard drives this problem affects both systems. when i start to copy to cd whether it be pictures or music it starts copying then 2 sec later the write wizard pops up and tells me CANNOT COMPLETE THE CD WRITING WIZARD there is an error in the writing process. The disc you have attempted to write may no longer be usable. What do you want to do?------ i have checked my cd drives -system tells me they are ok. it was ok last week.i can play music and view pictures just cannot copy to the cd. very much appreciate some advice

  The Sack 10:43 14 Jun 2003

Dont use the XP wizard is is cobblers, in fact no it is worse than that. Get nero or another similar quality burning program. click here

PS why would you want the same OS twice on the same PC?

  basherb 10:58 14 Jun 2003

i have tried to use the nero but that also does not work. another thing i forgot to mention is that the CD-RW does not work when i put in a music cd -is it broken?

i am using two os- one for the partner and one for me -i have too much private stuff on my hard drive and i do not want to lose it - she has a habit of mucking about with the systems and causing loss of files etc etc etc. best to have my own os. believe me it is better this way!

  Stuartli 15:28 14 Jun 2003

You probably haven't connected an audio lead from the rewriter to your soundcard.

In any case, if you have a CD or DVD-ROM drive, it's much better to use this for playing audio CDs - rewriters have a much shorter operating life than the former as manufacturers' figures clearly indicate in the specifications.

Only use it for its intended purpose.

It's much cheaper to replace a CD or DVD-ROM drive than a rewriter....

  Terry Brown 16:14 14 Jun 2003

It sounds as if both operating ststems are trying to write to the CDRW at the same time, causing a system error. Are the 2 operating systems on seperate partitions ?, as that is most likely the fault

  basherb 13:45 15 Jun 2003

another issue is that when i go into 'my computer'and click on CD-RW drive nothing happens even though their is a cd in. the two operating systems are separate hard drives both of them have the same problem which leads me to believe that the CD-RW is at fault. thanks for the above advice. my DVD works ok on both systems.

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